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Class 387 data

Systems:25kV AC overhead/750V DC third rail (same as 377)
Construction:Welded aluminium alloy underframe, sides & roof with steel ends. All sections bolted together
Traction Motors:2 x Bombardier asynchronous of 250kW
Wheel Arrangement:2-Bo + 2-Bo + 2-2 + 2-Bo
Dimensions: 20.39/19.99 x 2.80m
Bogies:Bombardier P3-25/T3-25 (same as 377). Exact types are DM: T3-25af/P3-25p MOSL: T3-25ag/P3-25q PTOSL: T3-25ah x 2
Couplers: compatible with Dellner 12
Pantograph:Brecknell Willis type M00042-65-L
Control System: IGBT Inverter
Doors:Sliding plug
Maximun Speed: 110mph
Heating & Ventilation:Air conditioning
Seating Layout:2 + 2 throughout. First class in DMCO A only
Multiple Working:Within class. With Classes 375, 376, 377, 378 & 379 in emergency. This is probably what should be written for 377/5 as well, as some systems like PIS & CCTV may have different software versions & so won't work together for normal service.