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First Day In Revenue Service

Monday the 8th December 2014 should have been a highlight for GTRailway and in particular Thameslink. It was the first day in service of the new Class 387 units built by Bombardier at Derby. The first service of the day was 2T02 the 05:40 Brighton to Bedford service. At Brighton 387106 at the North end of the service was coupled with 387105 behind it. The service was routed via London bridge and at Sydenham had picked up a four minute delay, and with the usual congestion at London Bridge in the morning peak 2T02 arrived at London Blackfriars ten minutes late at 08:12.

The next turn was 2T23 the 08:24 Bedford to Brighton which was again delayed, not by any problems with the 387s, so by Brighton it ended up ten minutes late again.

At 09:54 at City Thameslink station 2V20, the 09:13 Sutton to Kentish Town service, had a problem with its pantograph which caused a large amount of delays the 'core'. As a result of this 2T30 the 11:07 Brighton to Bedford was terminated short at Haywards Heath. The pair of 387s were then run as "empites" to siding at Gatwick Airport. The units were later run as 5T30 11:57 Haywards Heath to Bedford but dropped into Cricklewood, then after a stay there they continued as ECS to Bedford to get back on diagram.

On 1T41 the 14:40 Bedford to Brighton they left 23 minutes late and by London Bridge had made up 18 of the lost minutes. Alas on the final stretch the units lost more times and arrived at Brighton 18 minutes late.

1W97 the 17:24 Brighton to Bedford provided the units their first evening peak service and the delay minutes were mostly in single figures arriving at Bedford just 6 minutes late.

The last turn of the day was 2T23 the 21:22 BHedford to Brighton which picked up a 10 minute dlay by West Hampstead Thameslink but it was only late arriving into Brighton by 3 minutes.

Tomorrow will be a better day!